John Plant, composer

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Hello, and welcome to my website! Its purpose is to introduce you to my music. It contains some audio samples of my work, a bio (with list of works),  an assortment of reviews, some important links - and a commonplace book. I like talking about music - shared pleasures are twice as intense! - perhaps not as much as I like experiencing and making it - but enough for me to welcome the opportunity to start a blog, which, I hope, may evolve into a conversation. The first blogs are fragments of a sort of musical autobiography, more personal than the 'official' Bio. It's inevitable that the blog will languish when composing becomes particularly intense, so I apologize in advance for any prolonged silence.

As for the commonplace book  (to be found in the submenu under Texts), I owe the idea to my friend the poet Lawrence Raab - this one is just a miscellaneous assemblage of quotes which have stimulated and inspired me - I often find that poets and painters have much to say that is directly applicable to music. This will be a continually evolving single post, with insertions, additions, perhaps deletions.

Please note that the 'texts' section (containing texts and translations of my vocal works)  also has a submenu for program notes! 

 I've added two new sections. Jocelyne Fleury - my wife, creative partner, muse, unerring critic - has now retired from singing, and I've posted a few souvenirs of our work together in concert, in a submenu under 'Audio.' I still miss the joy of accompanying her, but she is a constant presence in this evolving adventure; I once said to a friend that every note I write bears the imprint of her DNA as well as my own, and that's truer than ever now.  Paul Klee once made a painting of the vocal fabric of a singer's voice; I think that the fabric of Jocelyne's voice is somehow interwoven within all my music, even the instrumental works.  

The other new section is devoted to the wonderful paintings of my brother Bob Plant - I've tried to articulate something of what they mean to me in my introductory paragraph on the page. Please click on 'Bob's paintings,' and enjoy!