John Plant, composer

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'Earthsea' Sonata
inspired by the 'Earthsea' tales of Ursula Le Guin
Dominic Desautels, clarinet
Tina Chong, piano

Faustus: A SaxOpera
Michael Couper, saxophone
San Diego State University Wind Ensemble
conducted by Shannon Kitelinger

Romance sonámbulo
poem by Federico García Lorca
Jocelyne Fleury, mezzo-soprano
Montreal Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Wanda Kaluzny

Concerto for Orchestra
Montreal Chamber Orchestra
Wanda Kaluzny, conductor

Sunday, 4 A.M.
Suzie LeBlanc, soprano
Blue Engine String Quartet

Sandpiper (poem by Elizabeth Bishop)
version for voice, clarinet, string quartet and piano
Suzie LeBlanc, soprano
Micah Heilbrunn, clarinet
Robert Kortgaard, piano
Blue Engine String Quartet

Invocation to Aphrodite
original version for voice, flute, violin, cello, and piano
Jocelyne Fleury, mezzo-soprano; Liselyn Adams, flute; Eleonora Turovsky, violin; William Valleau, cello; John Plant, piano

A deep clear breath of life
Jennifer Bill, alto saxophone
Yoshiko Kline, piano

Faustus: a SaxOpera (chamber version)
Jennifer Bill, saxophone
Yoshiko Kline, piano
Franziska Hunt, harp

Michael Couper, alto saxophone
Yungee Rhiee, soprano
ChoEun Lee, piano

Piano Quintet
Blue Engine String Quartet; John Plant, piano

The Shadowy Waters
Dectora: Jocelyne Fleury
Aibric: Alexandre Malenfant
Two sailors: Neil Aronoff, Clayton Kennedy
Caroline Lizotte, harp; Ziya Tabassian, percussion; John Plant, piano.
recorded by Dr. Mark Corwin

String Quartet
Blue Engine String Quartet
I. A fanatic heart
II. Lament
III. Gubbinal (Scherzo)
IV. With growing passion

Sonetto di Gaspara Stampa
Anita Krause, mezzo-soprano
The Talisker Players, Toronto

La notte bella (Ungaretti)
Jocelyne Fleury, mezzo-soprano
Antoine Bareil, violin
Gwendolyn Smith, cello
Matthieu Fortin, piano

La notte bella, baritone version
Alexander Dobson, baritone
The Talisker Players

Voices Answering Back: The Vampires
Poem by Lawrence Raab
Coastal Voices Men's Choir, conducted by Janet Gaskin

Voices Answering Back The vampires
John Plant Music Janet gaskin Directing Coastal Voices Poem by lawrence Raab (This Is My Home)