John Plant, composer




 Babel is a blessing, eight songs in eight languages for voice and orchestra.
(2 fl, 2 ob, 2 cl, 2 bn, 2 hn, 2 tpt, harp, percussion, timpani, strings)
Texts by Machado, Trakl, Lawrence, Catullus, Blok, Saba, Bonnefoy, and an anonymous poet. Jocelyne Fleury, mezzo-soprano; Montreal Chamber  Orchestra, conducted by Wanda Kaluzny. Salle Claude-Champagne, Montreal, 17 January 2007.

Invocation to Aphrodite (Sappho) for mezzo-soprano, flute, piano, and strings.   Pollack Hall (Jocelyne Fleury, mezzo-soprano; the Montreal Chamber Orchestra conducted by Wanda Kaluzny, with the composer at the piano: March 25, 2004.

Románce sonámbulo, (Lorca) ballad for voice and orchestra (2 fl, 2 ob, 2 cl, 2 bn, 2 hn, tpt, percussion, timpani, strings) Jocelyne Fleury, mezzo-soprano. Montreal Chamber Orchestra, dir. Wanda Kalunzy, 20 May 1999

dreams in the mirror (Cummings), for mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra. (2 fl, 2 ob, 2 cl, 2 hn, strings) Montreal Chamber Orchestra, dir. Wanda Kalunzy, 6 March 1997

in the world of zero (Sonnevi), for mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra.
(fl, ob, cl, bn, hn, piano, percussion, strings)
L’Ensemble du Jeu Présent, Ottawa, dir. Paolo Bellomia, 20 April 1996
            On CD: John Plant: Vocal Music in Eight Languages, MSR MS-1327


Faustus: A SaxOpera, for alto saxophone and large wind ensemble. A commission of World-Wide Concurrent Premieres Commisioning Fund.
First performance: Jennifer Bill, saxophone, Boston University Wind Ensemble, David Martins, conductor.  Tsai Center, Boston University, October 6, 2016. 

Concerto for Orchestra. Montreal Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Wanda Kaluzny. April 15, 2014, Salle Bourgie, Montreal. Commissioned to celebrate the orchestra's 40th anniversary.




Sonetto di Gaspara Stampa, for voice and piano quartet.Poem by Gaspara Stampa. Anita Krause, mezzo-soprano, and the Talisker Players.Trinity St. Paul's Centre, Toronto,October 30/November 1, 2012.

Sunday, 4 A.M., for voice and string quartet. Poem by Elizabeth Bishop. Suzie LeBlanc, soprano; Blue Engine String Quartet. EB Centenary Gala closing concert,  Great Village Presbyterian Church, Nova Scotia, October 2, 2011. On CD I am in need of music, Centrediscs 19413

Sandpiper, for voice, clarinet, string quartet and piano. Poem by Elizabeth Bishop. with Suzie LeBlanc, soprano; Micah Heilbrunn, clarinet; Robert Kortgaard, piano; Blue Engine String Quartet. June 7, 2011 at the Scotia Festival, Sir James Dunn Theatre, Halifax.

Version for voice, clarinet, and piano. Suzie LeBlanc, soprano; Mark Simons, clarinets; Robert Kortgaard, piano. Immaculata Auditorium, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, September 11, 2009. 

Nominated for Best Classical Composition, East Coast Music Awards 2014. On CD I am in need of music, Centrediscs 19413, voted Best Classical CD, ECMA 2014

Romance sonámbulo, Version for voice and chamber ensemble. Ensemble Prima, dir. Mélanie Léonard.  Salle Pollack, Montréal, 16 June 2006.
On CD Vocal Works in Eight Languages MSR MS--1327

La notte bella (Ungaretti), for voice, violin, cello, and piano .
Jocelyne Fleury, mezzo-soprano. Élise Lavoie, violin; James Darling, cello;
John Plant, piano. La Chapelle historique du Bon Pasteur, Montréal,
17 May 2001. 

Jocelyne Fleury, Jennifer Jones, violin; Ifan Williams, cello, John Plant, piano. Lillian B. Piercey Concert Hall, Halifax, 24 May 2009
Alexander Dobson, baritone; Talisker Players, Trinity St. Paul's Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Jan. 31-February 1, 2012.
On CD Vocal Works in Eight Languages MSR MS-1327

Invocation to Aphrodite (Sappho) Version for voice, flute, violin, cello and piano.  Oscar Peterson Concert Hall (J. Fleury, mezzo-soprano; Eleonora Turovsky,  violin; Liselyn  Adams, flute; William Valleau, cello, John Plant, piano)  29 April 1995.

Version for voice, piano, string quartet. Patrica O’Callaghan, soprano, and The Talisker Players, Trinity-St. Paul's Centre, Toronto; June 3, 2003
            On CD Canciones del alma, SNE-629

Somnus et Amor (medieval Latin) voice, flute, clarinet, string quartet, piano, chimes. Concordia University Concert Hall.  25 January 1997                                               

- version for voice, piano, chimes.  Oscar Peterson Concert Hall, Montreal, 6 June 1993

Pervigilium Veneris (Vergil)  Soprano, mezzo-soprano, bass, piano.
Gianna Corbisiero, soprano; Louise Guyot, mezzo-soprano; Bernard Bourgeois, bass; Penna Rose, piano; First Congregational Church, Stockbridge, Mass., 3 September 1989

The Palace at 4 A.M. (Raab) for soprano, piano, harpsichord, cello, three percussionists. Margo McKinnon, soprano; Ann Gorman, harpsichord;  Colin Ryan, cello; John Plant, piano;  Robert Leroux, Lanny Levine, John Mandell, percussionists. Théâtre Maisonneuve, Place des Arts, Montrèal, 25  January 1971


I Will Fly Like a Bird, concert opera in memoriam Robert Dziekanski.  May 31, 2012, at Sir James Dunn Theatre, as part of the Scotia Festival of Music. Marcia Swanston, mezzo-soprano; Clayton Kennedy, bass-baritone; Blue Engine String Quartet, Micah Heilbrunn, clarinet; John Plant, piano.

The Shadowy Waters , opera in one act, text by W.B. Yeats. Canada Council grant.  Franco Tenelli, tenor; Jocelyne Fleury, mezzo-soprano; Alexandre Malenfant and Neil Aronoff, baritones; Clayton Kennedy, bass; Caroline Lizotte, harp;  Ziya Tabassian, percussion;  John Plant, piano.  Oscar Peterson Concert Hall, Montreal, February 26, 2005

Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights, an opera in one act, text by Gertrude Stein.   Playwrights Workshop New Music/ New Text series, with Ron Bermingham, Jocelyne Fleury, Benjamin Butterfield, Gianna Corbisiero, Bernard Bourgeois, Laird Mackintosh; Centaur Theatre, Montreal, April 1989

Faustus: An Opera for Dancers. Choreography by Peter Boneham.  National Arts Centre, Ottawa, 9-10, 14-16 October 1983
Centaur Theatre, Montreal, 9-12 November 1983; Harbourfront, Toronto,  15-19 November 1980 

The Collector of Cold Weather , ballet. Ontario Arts Council grant, poem by Lawrence Raab; choreography by Peter Boneham.

            National Arts Centre, Ottawa, 9-11 October 1980; 18-30 May 1981
                  Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, England 14-15 October 1981
                  Merseyside Arts, Liverpool, England 19 October 1981
                  London Dance Umbrella, Riverside Theatre, London, England, 25 October 1981
                  Festival de Montpellier, France, 6 July 1981
                  Valence, France, 10 July 1981
                  Villeneuve-les-Avignon, France, 15-19 July 1981
                  Papineauville, Quebec 1 May 1982
                  Harbourfront, Toronto, 22-25 April 1982

What Happened, dance opera, text by Gertrude Stein.  Metropolitan Life grant. Choreography: P. Boneham
                  National Arts Centre, Ottawa, 4-7 October 1978; 29-30 October 1979
                  Toronto Dance Festival 12 October 1978
                  Grand Théâtre, Québec, 14 October 1978
                  Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C. 31 January 1980
                  Centennial Theatre, North Vancouver, 1-2 February 1980
                  Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, England, 13-17 October 1981
                  Everyman’s Theatre, London, England, 19-21 October 1981
                  London Dance Umbrella, Riverside Theatre, London, England, 23-25 October 1981
                  Gardner Centre, Brighton, England 29-31 October 1981                 
                  Chapter Theatre, Cardiff, Wales, 24 November 1981

Marche sur glace , piano solo for dance, choreography by Peter Boneham Centaur Theatre Montréal, 14-17 January 1975

 Une danse maigre pour trois voleurs, dance work (two sopranos, piano, harpsichord, percussion); choreogaphy by Peter Boneham
            Centaur Theatre, 8-15 January 1975                 
Earlier version (Trilogie, part III; choreography by Jean-Pierre Perrault) Theatre Monument National, Montreal, 30 Nov.-3 Dec. 1972.  National Arts Centre, Ottawa, 5-6 February 1973



In the middle of the road (Drummond/Bishop), for soprano, mezzo-soprano and piano. Suzie LeBlanc, Jocelyne Fleury, John Plant, piano EB Centenary Gala closing concert,  Great Village Presbyterian Church, Nova Scotia, October 2, 2011. On CD Vocal Works in Eight Languages, MSR 1327. 

Babel is a blessing,  eight songs in eight languages (Greek, French, Italian, Spanish, German, English, Latin, Russian.) St. Mary's Art Gallery, Halifax, 12 November 2009.

Mad as the Mist and Snow (Yeats). Pollack Hall,  Montreal. 27 February 1989

John Kinsella's Lament for Mrs. Mary Moore (Yeats) Festival Massawippi, North Hatley, Qué.             23 June 1985

Ice (Raab) Vehicule Art. Marshalore, mezzo-soprano. John Plant, piano. 24 May 1974. 


A deep clear breath of life, for saxophone and piano. Jennifer Bill, saxophone; Yoshiko  Kline, piano. Concert Hall, Boston University, February 15, 2013.

Capriccio, for flute and marimba. Derek Charke, flute; Mark Adam, marimba; Shattering the Silence Festival, Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, February 3, 2013. On CD Kitchen Party, Centrediscs 19814.



...and distance always like a dream of itself .. Vehicule Art, Montréal 28 May 1973
Cat.  Vehicule Art, Montréal, 28 May 1973
Coming Down   Théâtre de Gesù, Montréal, 23 May 1970



Voice and string quartet:
Richard Wagner, Wesendonk-Lieder.
Lori Klassen, mezzo-soprano; Talisker Players, Toronto. November 7, 2000
Krisztina Szabò, soprano; Talisker Players, Toronto November 2/3, 2010.
            On CD SNE-629
Fernando Obradors, El Vito  (on CD SNE-629) Montreal , 17 May 2001

Voice and piano trio
Josef Haydn, Arianna a Naxos. Montreal, 17 May 2001
W. A. Mozart, La finta semplice. “Che scompiglio, che flagello!” Montreal, 17 May 2001               (with Jocelyne Fleury, mezzo-soprano, Élise Lavoie, violin; James Darling, cello; John Plant, piano, at Chapelle Historique du Bon Pasteur, Montréal)